Taming the Email Monster – Enter the Clinic Help Desk

Posted by on Jul 29, 2012 in Announcements

Taming the Email Monster – Enter the Clinic Help Desk

Email is here to stay. In 2010 there were 107 trillion emails sent round the internet (about 15,000 emails for each person on the planet). Every single client in our practice uses email, and a substantial number of emails are received daily in our Inbox. This enables us to maintain active contact and deal with issues and support requests rapidly and simply using the ubiquitous email tool.


The problem is that a single Inbox system for an office like ours cannot easily follow multiple specific requests from different individuals; it cannot remind us when a question has been left unanswered too long, it cannot update or review support requests and cannot over time emails have a tendency to get buried, searching for them in a “one size fits all” flat system is time consuming and inefficient. Sometimes emails can become diverted into spam, and even be accidentally deleted. Email is a “non-scalable” tool, the more its volume grows the more impact the problems create…ending up in frustration to users and staff alike.


To deal with the email issue we have now implemented our new Clinic Help Desk system for support. This is modeled on the support ticket systems that were originally developed by software developers for software companies and their users.  Instead of trying to organize email from an inbox, the system creates “tickets” for each issue or request from each client; the ticket is assigned a priority, a support staff person, every conversation is recorded with a clear trail until it is marked as “solved”. Requests are  subject to dozens of built-in automations that increase efficiency of the entire support process.

The system can be accessed by sending an email to support@jonathantreasure.com, or from within our web site, where the following POP-UP box can be triggered at several points –



Requests can also be launched from inside  the Clinic Help Desk itself. This can be accessed from inside the clinic web site, or by setting your browser to support.jonathantreasure.com   Either way – here you will click on “submit a request” in the menu bar to see a more elaborate screen than the POP-UP box above  that lets you attach files ( for example scan or lab reports) to your request….


New users and first time visitors are asked to verify their email address before their conversation proceeds. Active patients who already have their own login credentials to the site will not need to do this. Once you are logged in to the web site you are automatically logged in as a known user of the Clinic Help Desk and you can also review the status and history of multiple support requests that you have made (click “Check your existing requests” tab in the menu bar)

We will be making a support “screencast” video tutorial of the system that will be posted both here and to the Help Desk Area itself  – so check back for this – but meanwhile  the system is up and running – let us know what you think!