Site Support Screencasts



Here is a catalog of short video screencasts showing different aspects of using this website.  To play the videos, either click on the clapperboard icon or the title of the topic you want to see and the screencast will stream to your computer or mobile device in Hi Def video.

Logging In

  Why current clients need to login and how to use your login credentials to access all the current client features. This screencast hows a couple of different ways to login with your username and password.  


Password Customization

  Want to change your password to something familiar  for you to remember?  Its easy – just check out how to customize your  login password in this screencast.


Appointment Scheduling #1

  The first time you use the appointment scheduler you  will need to confirm your details and permit the scheduler to send reminders and confirmations to your email address. This screencast introduces you to the appointment scheduler and walks you through your first appointment scheduler session.


Appointment Scheduling #2

  After you have used the scheduler for the first time, (see screencast #1 above), it is really simple to make an appointment  with the scheduler…Check out how in this second screencast.

Appointment Scheduling #3

Find out how to cancel and/or reschedule an existing appointment in this third short screencast.

Using Chat 

Learn how to use the Chat feature of to get immediate support in real time through our Clinic Help Desk on-line messaging system