Product Note – Stock up on HerbPharm Super Echinacea caps

Posted by on Jun 20, 2019 in Supplement Shelf

iuUnfortunately, local company HerbPharm have taken a business decision to discontinue their encapsulated products, due to supply side problems with the encapsulaters. This affects their Kava capsules, and most importantly their Super Echinacea capsules. Their “super echinacea is an excellent preparation  of Echinacea grown on their farm here in Southern Oregon. The value of this kind of echinacea extract is that it combines different  parts of the plant from different stages of its life cycle ( ie root, flower, seed, and leaf) to make a full spectrum and complete medicine that captures the whole spectrum of echinacea’s qualities. I have been prescribing this echinacea for over two decades. It remains available in tincture form, however tthe tincture is only suitable for certain patient protocols, and the has a pungent/tingling taste that many people find challenging to swallow.  At this time we are actively researching the next best encapsulated product as a substitute and will  post news here in due course. Meanwhile, we have established with HerbPharm that they still have substantial (between 6-7,000 units) supplies in stock from the recent (and final)  batch of encapsulation. Patients who are taking this echanacea as part of their protocol might want to stock up. If refrigerated unopened  the product will last for at least a  couple of years so its a good time to lay in a supply.