Portable Green Drink Mixer

Posted by on Apr 4, 2013 in Cool Tools

This is a small and portable  mixing tool that is handy for travel, or for home use when a larger appliance like an immersion blender is not necessary.  While it is sold as a “drinks mixer” (presumably for cocktails and the like), this device is a brilliant little tool for mixing powdered green drinks that many patients use either daily, or at least when they cannot  juice fresh leafy greens in a juicer. Most green drink powders  are very light and and will not mix easily in water or juice with a stir from a teaspoon without clumping even after they finally mix with the liquid. This little electric stirrer is perfect for the job, and takes a second to clean under the tap. It runs on a single AA battery – and turns at a surprising speed – the force of rotation spreads the “wings” of the stirrer arm out to create a whirlpool – make sure you use a tall enough glass or you may end up wearing the contents. One note : although the manufacturer states it is suitable for protein powders, it is NOT a substitute for a blender and cannot be used to prepare typical smoothie with fruits, yogurt, etc.


Wendy, one of my patients, gave me one of these over a year ago and I have used it almost every day ever since!



Made by Fit and Fresh at around $6.99 from Amazon what’s not to like?