Plax Portable Vaporizer

Posted by on Apr 2, 2013 in Cool Tools

paxAdministration of medical marijuana in the form of dried herbal material is best performed using a vaporizer. The effect of a vaporizer is to apply heat on the herb without burning (combusting)  the plant material with the consequent of formation smoke and acrid burnt compounds.  As a result, only the active volatile cannabinoids are extracted and inhaled, at a lower temperature, and without irritation to the lungs. Inhalation is a good method to use in general medical marijuana administration because the patient can self-titrate the dose with a reasonable degree of speed and accuracy to achieved the desired level of pharmacological effect ( for pain relief, nausea relief, increase of appetite etc).

A range of different vaporizers are available on the market. Unfortunately, many of these cater more to recreational than medical usage of the herb. However, a very convenient, compact, and non elaborate portable device is the Pax made by Ploom.

The Plax runs on a rechargeable Li battery and is supplied with a dock and charger. The replaceable mouthpiece is  retractable which serves as  the on-off switch. It has three different temperature settings, and is compact and easily transportable allowing for discrete “on the go” medication.

The Plax is available (in three colors) from Ploom’s website here  for around $250.00