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P2P consulting is available for medical professionals seeking expert advice on incorporating botanicals safely and effectively into a variety of integrative settings. Special topics include medicinal cannabis, and utilising beneficial herb-drug interactions in the comanagement of  cancer. For details of current charges please see P2P section of our Clinic Help Desk/FAQ here.


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This page is for visiting healthcare professionals interested in peer-to-peer consults. With my feet in both camps (mainstream biomedicine and herbal medicine) I offer a fairly unique “translational” conversation; an opportunity for dialog either with physicians wanting to know about integrating  botanicals into patient care, or with herbalists wanting guidance on supporting patients undergoing cancer treatment.

P2P Consulting

Safety, efficacy & drug Interaction concerns demand expert botanical knowledge. Use our P2P Botanical Medicine Consulting Program to separate the helpful from the harmful with confidence and guide the incorporation of botanicals into your patient’s integrative treatment plan. On-line consulting options include written report or  conference calling with your team.







Medicinal Cannabis – Protocols & Practice

Today there is enormous patient interest in cannabis not only as an adjunctive treatment in the comanagement of cancer, but also as a potential  anticancer therapy  in its own right. The level of confusion and misinformation about  cannabis and cancer is  astronomically high, fuelled by internet hype, popular cannaculture, and a lack of understanding of how herbs are used in cancer care.







If you prefer,  take a few minutes to  browse our FAQ for Professionals consultancy rates and other information check out the FAQ for Professionals and P2P consulting


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