New Patients – Wait List Only January 2020

Posted by on Sep 23, 2019 in Admin, Announcements

Jonathan Treasure’s clinical practice is currently closed to new patients. This is to avoid excessive wait times for initial appointments which are at best disappointing and at worst unacceptable for  patients facing immediate challenges.   If you would still like to become a new patient when space becomes available please send an email to support  and  you will be put on on a Wait List, first come first served, as soon as  new patients slots become available. The Wait List is likely best suited for patients considering  maintenace of remission and prevention  of recurrence rather than those dealing with new cancer diagnoses and impending or ongoing conventional oncology treatments.

Peer to Peer (P2P) Professional Consults are generally available. For prospective patients who already work with a professional herbalist who is not well versed in cancer management, consider suggesting to your practitioner a P2P “mentoring” with Jonathan as a possible option for your botanical care. This may be a more affordable option as well as providing a “by-pass” for the Wait List.