Posted by on Apr 21, 2013 in Announcements, Tech Support

There is now a new way to contact us via the Clinic Help Desk- instant CHAT! Chat not only takes place in real time on your screen  or mobile device, but an entire CHAT conversation can be saved in your Clinic Help Desk area as a support “ticket”. Access CHAT through the grey side bar”support” tab on the right hand side of this (blog) page, or any other page you see it. You can check specific CHAT open hours in the Help Desk FAQ  or on the contact page if you wish.


Contact Options

First time visitors as well as current patients can now use our Clinic Help Desk instant messenger CHAT channel to speak with on-line support staff. Using the new CHAT channel is easy, check out the video screencast below for “how to” demonstration.


How to use Chat – Screencast Demo