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Today, modern communications present challenges to many medical offices – some even refuse to handle emails! We use the opposite approach, and have harnessed internet technologies to streamline all client communications.  You can contact us 24/7 via several “channels”– listed below –  all of which flow into a final pathway of   digital “support requests” in our Clinic Help Desk system.  This is not only efficient, and helps our “paperless office” program,  but enables us to limit overhead costs of secretarial/front desk staff that would otherwise increase our hourly fees to patients. Current clients can use login to their own “account” in the Clinic Help Desk and check on the status of all your active (and previous)  “support requests” from all “channels”

(For a more detailed overview of this system see our video screencast here, and our clinic blog post Taming the email monster).

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Click the pic or use the popup window here to send an email request to our 24/7 Clinic Help Desk.  Each email becomes a support request assigned to a support staff member, prioritized and tracked until resolved. If you prefer, email support or office  (@) from your email program.


Contact us via phone

Help Desk Hotline  –  (541) 862-5202

Our Clinic Help Desk has a 24/7 phone support system at (541) 862 5202. Your voice message is instantly transcribed and forwarded to support staff at their computers and mobile devices as soon as it is received. Like emails, each one of your calls is a “support request” or “ticket” in our Clinic Help Desk that is individually tracked until resolved. You will be notified when your message has been received, read, and you will receive either a call back or email reply.


Contact us via chat


  Direct Chat with support staff is also enabled through our Clinic Help Desk.  Click on the chat icon (or any “Support” button or tab on this site) and the pop up window- will give you the option of checking to see if live chat agents are “online”. Check the Clinic Help Desk or the Blog Announcements  for our “guaranteed” hours of live chat service, but note that  support staff are often online at other hours of day and night – so its always worth checking for a chat.



Fax  –  (541) 201-2076

Fax remains a good way to send labs and medical records, and these days can often be sent from your compute without paper. Your fax automatically becomes an electronic file that is added to your digital chart record in our secure medical record system. (Note that records can also be sent as email attachments if you prefer).

Emergency Patient Cell

Urgent Care – Cell Phone

All current clients have the numbers for our confidential patient cell phone lines for urgent calls to Jonathan Treasure or Bridget O’ Connor. These numbers are are not available for prospective clients, and are intended for urgent matters. If you are a current client (patient or professional) you can log in to your area of the Clinic Help Desk and locate these numbers to add them to your mobile phone address book. (Of course, if you have a medical emergency, dial 911).  


Skype – Herbmed

We also uses Skype, but mainly for video consultations. At this time Skype calls cannot be integrated into the Help Desk Call/Ticketing technology.   If you would like to get in touch via Skype, our user name is Herbmed.