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Posted by on Mar 24, 2017 in Announcements

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The volume of on-line support requests to our Clinic Help Desk system has been trending upwards each year since we established the system in 2012.  We are now dealing with several hundred support communications per month and this practice is now successfully conducted ~ 99%+ as an on-line consultancy.

To streamline response times and improve our workflow at the Help Desk, we are phasing in and beta-testing a Three Tiered (Tier = Level) System of support. The testing period  is mostly to ensure that analytics and under the hood features are working.  No changes will be required by any current or new users in how our Clinic Help Desk System communications operate. From April on, all support requests will “land” initially at the default Tier/Level 1, where they will be reviewed by staff and either dealt with at that level, or reallocated if necessary to Level 2 or 3 as appropriate. The aim is to improve the handling of Clinic Help Desk communications/requests by stratifying them into the three tiers that reflect fairly obvious differences in content that we have observed over the 5 years of  its operation.

The content for each tier/level is broadly as follows:

  • Level 1: Initial tier for all new incoming requests.  Level 1 subject matter/content is basic “office administration” and includes request from visitors who are not registered as patients. For prospective patients, this includes registration paperwork, obtaining medical records, scheduling an initial appointment and answering any administrative questions not covered in the Public FAQ area of the Clinic Help Desk. For current patients, Level 1 is a clearing level for receiving labs, scan and pathology updates as well as a landing level for all communications for assigning the correct level of support, ie remain at 1 or escalate the issue to Level 2 or 3.
  • Level 2: This tier of requests from current patients are straightforward non administrative questions,  such as practical protocol management issues (doses, product brands, side effects etc). Commentary on incoming reports (labwork , pathology etc) are considered Level 2 unless the reports contain information requiring escalation to level 3.  To enable rapid resolution of each individual issue, we really encouraged  you to format requests as one issue or question per “ticket”rather than a laundry list of questions that are not connected.
  • Level 3: These are requests that in a traditional medical office would have previously been dealt with during a live consult: changes in your status , treatment, and all strategic medical/herbal matters especially those requiring changes in your conventional treatment or care, in depth reviews of laboratory/pathological data and so on are all Level 3;  general questions that require research  and evidence-based answers, commentary or clarification are likewise Level 3. Level 3 conversations may be complex and be of extended duration, rather than quickly solved. At this time all Level 3 requests are dealt with by Jonathan Treasure and is restricted to current  patients only.

When the implementation of Tiers is fully operational a screencast video will be created with tips about how to get the best from the system.