Clinic Help Desk Level 3 Support Tickets are now billing

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As announced in 2017, the trend in our practice has steadily been away from person-to-person appointments in real time via video or telephone communications towards more use of the web/email interface – the convenience of 24/7 on-line communications seems to be popular and passes seamlessly through time zones.

When you contact us through the “Clinic Help Desk” your query will be assigned initially to one of 3 levels as previously described. To summarise the 3 levels are:

  • Tier 1 : Non Medical: Administrative, scheduling appointments, billing and office info related issues.
  • Tier 2 : Routine Medical Admin: Sending reports: (Labs, Pathology, Scans etc); Simple protocol questions (clarifying dose, products etc)
  • Tier 3 : Clinical: These are medical/herbal conversations that would otherwise be held in a face-to-face appointment or consultation.

Tier 1 & 2 requests may be escalated to Tier 3, but generally speaking a Tier 3 request is medical/herbal from the getgo and can only be handled by Jonathan Treasure; the easiest way to think of it is that in the “pre-digital” days a direct conversation or appointment would be required to resolve the issue.

If your request starts as Tier 3 or is elevated to Tier 3, you will be advised.  Short  questions that are technically Tier 3 ie requiring practitioner level input but which take less than 5 minutes to review and answer will not be be billable. Put another way, less than 5 minutes will never be billed. Charges are at the standard hourly rate ($160.00) in increments of 5 minutes. We have accurate metering software (TymeShift) which is a well proven plugin for our ZenDesk system architecture. Billing will be done when a ticket or thread is closed or solved.