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Product Note – Stock up on HerbPharm Super Echinacea caps

Posted by on Jun 20, 2019 in Supplement Shelf

Unfortunately, local company HerbPharm have taken a business decision to discontinue their encapsulated products, due to supply side problems with the encapsulaters. This affects their Kava capsules, and most importantly their Super Echinacea capsules. Their “super echinacea is an excellent preparation  of Echinacea grown on their farm here in Southern Oregon. The value of this kind of echinacea extract is that it combines different  parts of the plant from different stages of its life cycle ( ie root, flower, seed, and leaf) to make a full spectrum and complete medicine that...

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On Magnesium

Posted by on May 15, 2013 in Supplement Shelf

 Magnesium Crystals (Photo – Creative commons license by Warut Roonguthai)   Magnesium is a metallic (alkali earth)  element and one of the most important mineral micronutrients  in our bodies. It plays a vital role  as a cofactor in many critical metabolic processes in our physiology, especially related to energy metabolism as well as protein and nucleic acid synthesis.   Every cell in our body requires magnesium. One of my mentors used to say that “magnesium is the bringer of light”. This partly refers to its role in plants is found at the heart of the chlorophyll...

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Carnitine Concern?

Posted by on Apr 8, 2013 in Supplement Shelf

The New York Times featured an article Online and in Print on April 7th/8th regarding the possible association between high dietary carnitine intake and risk of cardiovascular disease. More than one patient  has asked about the relevance of this to their regular supplementation with L-carnitine (or its acetyl and propionyl derivatives). The full text  of original study is paywalled but the abstract is available here from Nature  Intestinal microbiota metabolism of L-carnitine, a nutrient in red meat, promotes atherosclerosis Intestinal microbiota metabolism of choline and...

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