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JT Travel Jan/Feb 2020 Email Contact Info

Posted by on Jan 24, 2020 in Admin, Announcements

I will be travelling out of state for a brief vacation from January 27th-February 10th 2020. Current patients with Level 3 support (medical) questions who email them will receive replies during this period. Level 1 & Level 2 support queries  (admin not medical) will be answered in week beginning  Feb 10th. To ensure email receipt send emails to BOTH office@jonathantreasure.com AND support@jonathantreasure.com (Clinic Help Desk). Appointments will begin on week Feb 10th, Wednesdays and...

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New Patients – Wait List Only January 2020

Posted by on Sep 23, 2019 in Admin, Announcements

Jonathan Treasure’s clinical practice is currently closed to new patients. This is to avoid excessive wait times for initial appointments which are at best disappointing and at worst unacceptable for  patients facing immediate challenges.   If you would still like to become a new patient when space becomes available please send an email to support @jonathantreasure.com  and  you will be put on on a Wait List, first come first served, as soon as  new patients slots become available. The Wait List is likely best suited for patients considering  maintenace of remission and...

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Support Email Issues – July 2019

Posted by on Jul 2, 2019 in Admin

Our  Clinic Help Desk tool is powered by a commercial software support system (ZenDesk) that we have repurposed to increase efficiency of tracking patient-office communications by allowing “tickets” or “threads” for each single enquiry or support conversation. This was always  intended to ensure that  each specific topic or question is pursued until its “ticket” is closed. Current patients can reach the Help Desk 24/7 in three ways Log In with a browser at the Help Desk Page itself with your user name and pass word. That address (which you could...

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Product Note – Stock up on HerbPharm Super Echinacea caps

Posted by on Jun 20, 2019 in Supplement Shelf

Unfortunately, local company HerbPharm have taken a business decision to discontinue their encapsulated products, due to supply side problems with the encapsulaters. This affects their Kava capsules, and most importantly their Super Echinacea capsules. Their “super echinacea is an excellent preparation  of Echinacea grown on their farm here in Southern Oregon. The value of this kind of echinacea extract is that it combines different  parts of the plant from different stages of its life cycle ( ie root, flower, seed, and leaf) to make a full spectrum and complete medicine that...

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JT – UK Travel – September 2018

Posted by on Aug 28, 2018 in Admin, Announcements

I  will be travelling and lecturing in the UK during the first three weeks of September 2018. New patient appointments can be scheduled from October, and current patients can send support requests at any time as usual via the Clinic HhelpDesk  either by logging in via a web browser or  by sending an email to support@jonathantreasure.com. There may be some delay in responding, but also please contact Becki with any critical or urgent...

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