Alternative Theories of Cancer Causation – Are DNA Mutations Primary? McKee/Rountree Interview

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A rare interview with a favorite colleague, co-author and mentor of mine, Dr Dwight McKee. Dwight is board licensed in both oncology and internal medicine and has been involved in cutting edge and non-conventional cancer treatment for decades  – originally working with Dr Kelly in the days when actor Steve McQueen was seeking alternatives for his lung cancer following the failure of  standard of care  treatment to control his disease.

The interview is conducted by Dr Bob Rountree, himself one of the few MDs who is also a long time member of the American Herbalist Guild but better known as a leading light on faculty for the Institute for Functional Medicine. Bob  is also an old friend and colleague, and this interview session with two of the sharpest critical medical minds out there is quite precious and for many will be an insightful read. Recommended.

The full text is available/downloadable on-line at the web site of Alternative and Complementary Therapies: (Vol 21, No.4 August 2015. p151-156)