"First the Word. Then the Plant. Lastly the Knife."

Aesculapius, 1200 BCE

Prospective Clients

If you have a cancer challenge, whether a new diagnosis, a recurrence, or are in remission, and you are looking for information about herbs and cancer – welcome! This site is dedicated to helping people with cancer incorporate botanical medicine into their care before, during and after mainstream treatments.

Current Clients

Current Patients – click through to check your ongoing support requests or review previous support conversations (tickets); make a new appointment or review your appointments on the 24/7 appointment scheduler. Forgot how? Watch the site screencasts!

Healthcare Professionals – P2P

P2P consulting is available for medical professionals seeking expert advice on incorporating botanicals safely and effectively into a variety of integrative settings. Special topics include medicinal cannabis, and utilising beneficial herb-drug interactions in the comanagement of  cancer. For details of current charges please see P2P section of our Clinic Help Desk/FAQ here.