"One of the first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine."

Sir William Osler MD (1849-1919)

Prospective Clients

If you have a cancer challenge, whether a new diagnosis, a recurrence, or are in remission, and you are looking for information about herbs and cancer – welcome! This site is dedicated to helping people with cancer incorporate botanical medicine into their care before, during and after mainstream treatments.

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If you are already working with us, start here and log into the current client area, and then choose from the options to either contact us with a support request, visit the forums,  or schedule an appointment. (Direct quick links at the top right of this page too).

Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals, researchers, herbalists or patients looking for scientific information and expert commentary on herbs & cancer or herb-drug interactions, check out this clinic support site but then head over to OncoHerb Blog for research updates and technical discussions on botanical medicine.